About the company 

Prosense is a global leader in the field of broadcasting sporting, cultural, and business events in virtual reality.

The company’s main product is a platform for broadcasting sporting and entertainment events in real time. Prosense unique feature is our ability to provide a full range of VR broadcasting services: custom filming equipment, innovative software for maintaining high quality content and an expanded list of distribution channels, including the Prosense application for VR devices.

our clients


Stanislav Glukhoedov
CEO and Co-founder, VR Evangelist
Stanislav graduated in psychiatry and went on to build a successful career in HR consulting and business analytics. In 2014, Stanislav gained his first VR experience, which inspired him to make a dramatic professional shift and found PROSENSE.TV. With his in-depth awareness of business practice and human nature, Stanislav envisioned the future of VR technology and created a team of global experts to bring rich, immersion-based VR experiences to users around the world.
Vladimir Bakuteev
Vladimir draws on fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience in the IT sector and internet business. Among his successful companies, Vladimir founded Livetex, a leading omni-channel sales and service support platform serving over 5000 major corporate customers worldwide.
Grigory Vasinkevich
An investor and serial entrepreneur, Grigory founded the leading payment aggregator DengiOnline, as well as the online cashbox These services support customers across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Grigory has successfully managed the DengiOnline M&A process with 10x ROI.
Denis Ivanov
R&D Executive Director
Denis brings twenty years of worldwide engineering experience to PROSENSE.TV, including Director of R&D at AR/VR companies: AR Door and LittlStar based in New York
Stanislav Kolesnik
Head of engineering department
A holder of numerous patents, Stanislav is a recognized authority in the sphere of video production and broadcasting. As a VR industry pioneer, Stanislav has developed several innovations for live VR production. The consummate engineer and innovator, Stanislav continually evolves applications and unique shooting solutions. Recent developments include a drone equipped with custom stabilizers and a miniature submarine.
Ivan Gavrenkov
Head of content production department
A content production expert and one of the first specialists to film panoramic footage, Ivan is also the founder of Gigapano, a company providing a unique mega-high-resolution viewing experience. Ivan has many years of live VR broadcasting experience.

Virtual reality eliminates borders. You can capture the most interesting events, come away with vivid impressions, and then share them with others. We do everything to ensure that our users are able to obtain a new instrument of freedom. Prosense becomes your guide to a dynamic life filled with inspiring emotions that you are able to choose for yourself.

Prosense. Be where you want to be