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Prosense has been developing VR technologies and producing content since 2015. We are one of the global leaders in VR broadcasting, and we focus on bringing business, sporting, and cultural events to ever-expanding audiences.

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The tennis at this year’s St. Petersburg Open, for the first time, was available to watch in virtual reality using Prosense’s VR glasses. MORE
Solutions for social VR, in which users are able to interact with each other, are being developed both by industry giants and by startups. MORE
Afisha Daily tells you all you need to know to shoot this kind of videos. MORE
The ICO-Hypethon was held on Aug. 16–17 at the Street Art Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Prosense, an official partner of the event, was broadcasting the two-day Hypethon online both in 2D and 360°. MORE
The International Broadcasting Convention, or IBC 2017, is one of the world’s leading events for showcasing technical innovation and hosting discussions in the electronic media and entertainment industries. MORE today announced the details of its upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) at the Blockchain Solutions Forum event in Barcelona, Spain. MORE
Prosense will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on 3rd November, 2017. MORE
"We expected toughening in ICO and crypto-currencies regulations in China for some time already. The Chinese government might consider the idea of a decentralized economy as one of the major threats to the existing regime," says Stanislav Glukhoedov, CEO of Prosense. MORE
Stan Glukhoedov: "Becoming educated about current ICO regulations is essential, but for more complex regulations, we are working with a crowdsale backing agency to ensure our company is in full accordance with current laws." MORE
With the help of the token sale wants to create the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) livestreaming platform for the distribution of VR content. MORE has teamed up with ICOBox, the premier provider of SaaS solutions for conducting ICOs MORE
Prosense is a global leader in the field of broadcasting sporting, cultural and business events in virtual reality. MORE

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